Income Tax Saving Strategies
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Home Business Expert Reveals the Little Known Secrets that Reduce Your Taxes!

You can go out and spend the next 10 years researching tax strategies, reading books and tax laws, you can watch YouTube videos and download articles, you can struggle through tax audits and figure out the best system on your own to organize and bullet-proof  your record-keeping….
You can invest just $97 and get the complete system and strategies. I’ve done all the work for you over the last 10 years! You’ll have everything you need to claim all available tax deductions, many you don't even know about.
Once you know these secrets
your accountant can prepare your taxes faster
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Get Your Home Business Money Secret Strategies Now!

Discover the secrets the ultra-wealthy know, why they pay less taxes, and how you can too!

How to turn your every day expenses into legitimate tax deduction!

How to bullet-proof your record keeping and become audit proof!

Proven record keeping system that takes you just 15 minutes each month!
These secrets will not only change the way you run your business,
it will allow you to enjoy your life and buy things you never knew you could write-off,
for the rest of YOUR Tax Paying Life!

Shockingly simple, easy to implement and effective at reducing your Income Taxes!



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Get Your Home Business Money Secret Strategies Now!

Bonus #1

Course Manual - $69 Value!

Printable follow-along PDF Course Manual cheat-sheets. Discover all your legitimate tax deduction with clear explanations and diagrams. Simply set yourself up for thousands of dollars in tax savings.

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Business Excellence Organization Templates - $49 Value!

Maximize your tax deductions and significantly reduce your chances of being audited. Simple, quick and concise for fast results.

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Get Your Home Business Money Secret Strategies Now!

These Strategies are Easy To Follow
and Quick To Implement!

Here's just some of what you’ll learn… 
1.  How to find more legitimate tax deductions. 
2. How to understand the business deductions you can take. 
3. Speak intelligently with your accountant.  
4. Significantly reduce your chances of being audited.
5. Legally put more money back in your pocket.
6. Become bullet-proof in your record keeping.
Get Your Home Business Money Secret Strategies Now!

"This will be my first year filing as a home business so the timing for these strategies are perfect. I found each module easy to understand and implement. I learned about expenses I would never had thought to include; i.e. lawn care, coffee machine, etc."

Shanda Cormier
Shediac, New Brunswick

"These strategies will help home business people find every tax deduction and report their taxes more effectively. I'm excited to see all the tax refunds this year. Thank You for doing this Doug! "

Darlene Long
Owen Sound, Ontario

"Before the program, I would file all my receipt per month in a folder. And would hand off the mess to my accountant. It was stressful. The course is very well explained. Well divided into modules and you took time to explain it well. You covered all the bases. I now have more details as to what my activities are to be bullet and audit proof. This will help me get more deductions this year. "

Rebecca LeBlanc
Cap-Pele, New Brunswick

Common Questions

To understand the benefits and requirements that come with operating a home business.

I've been at this since 2009. My first year I went to my accountant with a bag of receipts and missed half of the allowable deductions. Then in 2010 I decided it was time for a simple. effective organization system to keep track of my records and receipts, and be ready for tax time. That year I went to my accountant, instead of paying $5,000 I got a $6,600 refund.

I have continued to refine and simplify my system and now I am making this system available for you inside this course so you can benefit from it as well. 

Here's just some of what you can expect to learn:

1. How to find more legitimate tax deductions. 

2. How to understand the business deductions you can take.

3. Speak intelligently with your accountant.  

4. Significantly reduce your chances of being audited

5. Legally put more money back in your pocket.

6. Become bullet-proof in your record keeping!

No! This course is a business tax planning course. 

This course and system will assist you with:

  • Organizing and tracking your business with ease
  • Have you ready to file your taxes.
  • Be more organized at tax time


No, you don't need to make money in your business!

One of the most significant benefits you can enjoy in a home based is the ability to claim deductions that will reduce your overall taxable income in a calendar year, just like any other traditional business.

All you need to do is show that you have an intention to make a profit and that there is a possibility that you could. Inside the course you will learn exactly how all this is done legally. 

Perfect! Having a full-time employment income is one of the best situations!

While you continue with your employment income, use your part-time home business as a means to reduce your personal income taxes. Remember, money saved is money earned! 


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